Lab alumni

Previous visitors to the lab

Past graduate students (degree, date), last known position

  • Steve Howard (PhD 1994), Professor of Biology, MTSU
  • Jennifer Fox (MS 1995), Teaching Professor, Georgetown University
  • Neil Kenny (MS 1995), High School Teacher
  • Ed Levri (PhD 1997), Professor, University of Pennsylvania, Altoona
  • Amy Wethington (MS 1997), Professor, Chowan University
  • Amy Krist (PhD 1998), Associate Professor, University of Wyoming
  • Andy Peters (PhD 1998), Stat/Math Consultant, Madison, WI
  • Tony Frankino (PhD 2000), Associate Professor, University of Houston
  • Gabe Harp (MS 2003), Research Director, Alliance for the Arts in Research Univesities, Univ. of Michigan
  • Maurine Neiman (PhD 2004), Associate Professor, University of Iowa
  • Erik Osnas (PhD 2004), US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Michelle Tseng (PhD 2005), Assistant Professor, University British Columbia
  • Idelle Cooper (PhD 2008), Assistant Professor, James Madison University
  • Britt Koskella (PhD 2008), Assistant Professor, University of California, Berkeley (coadvised by Mike Lynch)
  • Sarah Schaack (PhD 2008), Assistant Professor, Reed College, Portland, Oregon (primary adviser: Mike Lynch)
  • Jennifer Cianciolo (PhD 2008) (primary adviser: Mike Wade)
  • Kayla King (PhD 2011), Professor, Oxford University, UK
  • Deanna Soper (PhD 2012), Assistant Professor, University of Dallas (coadvised by Lynda Delph)
  • Daniela Vergara (PhD 2013), Postdoc, University of Colorado and Director of the Agricultural Genomics Foundation
  • Amy Dapper (PhD 2015), Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University (coadvised by Mike Wade)
  • Mandy Gibson (PhD 2016), Assistant Professor, UVA
  • Sam Slowinski (PhD 2017), Postdoc, UC Berkeley (coadvised by Ellen Ketterson)
  • Amrita Battacharya (PhD 2019), Postdoc, CCID at Penn State University (coadvised by Farrah Bashey)

Past postdoctoral associates (time span), last known position

  • Mark Dybdahl (1990-98), Associate Professor, Washington State University
  • Steve Johnson (1992-94), Professor, University of New Orleans
  • Jukka Jokela (1994-95), Professor, EWAG and ETH, Switzerland
  • Fabienne Vigneux (2006-07), European management school, Paris, France
  • Justyna Wolinska (2007-08), Professor, Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology, Berlin
  • Nicholas Priest (2008), Lecturer, University of Bath
  • Hadas Hawlena (2007-09), Associate Professor, Ben Gurion University
  • Farrah Bashey (2002-12), Assistant Research Scientist, Indiana University
  • Levi Morran (2011-13), Assistant Professor, Emory University

Past undergraduate IU STARS students in academia

  • Megan Greischar (2004-07), Assistant Professor, Cornell University

PhD students: major society awards and grants

  • Maurine Neiman: SSE Fisher Prize (2006)
  • Maurine Neiman: ASN Young Investigator Award (2007)
  • Idelle Cooper: SSE Hamilton Prize (2008)
  • Britt Koskella: SSE Fisher Prize (2010)
  • Amanda Gibson: SSE Rosemary Grant Award (2012)
  • Kayla King: ASN Young Investigator Award (2013)
  • Amanda Gibson: ASN Ruth Patrick Student Poster Award (2013)
  • Amanda Gibson: ASN Student Research Award (2013)
  • Sam Slowinski: SSE Rosemary Grant Award (2013)
  • Amrita Bhattacharya: SSE Rosemary Grant Award (2014)
  • Amanda Gibson: SSE T.H. Huxley Award Co-winner (2016)
  • Amanda Gibson: SSE Hamilton Award Honorable Mention (2016)
  • Amanda Gibson: ESEB John Maynard Smith Prize (2017)
  • Amanda Gibson: SSE Theodosius Dobzhansky Prize (2018)
  • Amanda Gibson: ASN Student Paper Award, Honorable mention (2019)
  • Kara Million: ASN Student Research Award (2019)
  • Kara Million: SSE Rosemary Grant Advanced Award (2019)

Independent student publications

PhD students at IU often publish with other faculty and/or graduate students, independent of the PI.  Here is a link to publications from Lively lab members.